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The Qualiti7 Network

Mission and values


Qualiti7 Canada’s mission

  • Qualiti7 Canada’s goal is to establish and grow a cooperative network of independent IT management experts and specialists who promote and teach best practices and international standards.
  • Qualiti7 Canada offers our members commercial synergy, a platform for sharing competencies, experience, knowledge, exclusive materials, certified rights and business opportunities, with the ultimate goal of helping everyone offer their clients an extensive range of high quality services.
  • This platform offers independent workers the support and reassurance of a formal network to back them up in the provision of their particular services, supporting quality and delivery, and also allows them to offer their clients a broader range and depth of services, over a wider geographic area, thanks to the global offer of the Qualiti7 International network.

Values of Qualiti7 Canada and our members

  • Constant attention to quality and client satisfaction
  • Constant attention to member satisfaction
  • Skill- and knowledge-sharing
  • Cooperation and mutual assistance within the member network
  • Fairness and sharing of opportunities among the members
  • Ethical treatment of clients
  • Ethical treatment of members