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IT governance

IT governance is a management framework, based on the use of best practices, that allows an organization to optimize its IT investments in order to contribute to its value creation objectives, improve the performance of its IT processes and client orientations, control the risks related to its IT systems, regulate the financial aspects of its IT systems, develop IT solutions and competencies that the organization will need in the future, and develop transparency of action. (Source: ITGI)

  • COBIT is an IT governance and control framework. It is maintained by ISACA, and related publications are available on its website.
  • COBIT v.4 and subsequent include: The reference framework: it explains how COBIT structures IT governance objectives, control objectives and best practices, by IT domain and by process, and relates them to business requirements.

Process description: COBIT includes 34 IT processes that cover every area of IT responsibility from A to Z Control objectives: They describe the management objectives of IT processes in the form of generic best practices Management guide: It offers tools to help assign responsibilities and measure performance Maturity models: They offer different profiles of IT processes through the description of various possible current and future states

  • Val IT (Enterprise Value: Governance of IT investments) is a reference framework for the governance of IT investments. Transformation projects and processes are increasingly likely to entail a significant IT component. On the scale of a business or organization, it is not unusual for a hundred such projects to be underway at the same time, in different stages of development. Senior management requires more and more transparency on how various projects are contributing and they want to be able to support their decisions and arbitrate or review choices made. When projects begin to generate demands, you need to ask the right questions:
    • Did the IT investments made really generate value for the company,
    • At an acceptable cost,
    • At a manageable risk level?
  • VAL IT has three components:
    • A reference framework for determine the real value of IT investments
    • A description of the key role of the business case
    • Real feedback

(Source: AFAI)

VAL IT is maintained by ISACA and the associated publications are available on its website. COBIT 5, which will be released soon, includes the COBIT 4.1 and Val IT 2.0 frameworks as well as Risk IT.