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Qualiti7 Webinars … ‘Talking Services, Management and Governance’ Series …

Qualiti7 is launching its ‘Discuss Services, Management and Governance’ live webinar series.

Qualiti7 will offer you a new webinar every 3-4 weeks to allow you to interact with different experts in their field and explore some tips that can improve service delivery to clients and increase our efficiency as as supplier.

First webinar in the series: (Discussion in French)

Monday, June 28, 2021 – 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM EST.

‘How to Optimize Innovation Deliveries – Based on Agile, DevOps, VSM and ITIL, let’s discuss approaches to improve the management of value delivery streams’

(‘Comment optimisez les livraisons d’innovation – En se basant sur Agile, DevOps, VSM et ITIL, discutons des approches permettant l’amélioration de la gestion des flux de livraison de valeur’)

The speakers will be Martin Deslongchamps, from Croesus Finansoft and Jean-Claude Beaudry from Qualiti7.

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