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ITSM Software Selection

Process efficiency and effectiveness rely largely on the use of tools appropriate for the organization, the business issues and the technological context. Selecting the right tool to support the service management process is a critical step in IT service improvement programs.

Selecting an IT service management tool

Using evaluation grids developed over many years of experience, Qualiti7 helps organizations define their needs in order to inform procurement mechanisms and select the tool that will deliver maximum value.

Our approach allows our clients to undertake a sufficiently detailed analysis to confidently acquire the ideal IT service management tool. Our approach includes:

  • Identification of the processes to support in the mid- and long-terms
  • Identification of the technological context and interaction with related tools
  • Identification and weighting of functional specifications associated with processes to be prioritized in process-tool harmonization
  • Evaluation and weighting of supplier based on commercial reliability
  • Evaluation and weighting of support offer based on geographical and linguistic context of the IT department
  • Assistance developing the call for proposals
  • Evaluation of proposals and selection assistance

Since Qualiti7 is a consulting organization that is neutral toward service management tool manufacturers, we can fairly and honestly assess the value-added of each tool put forward in the calls for proposals.

Implementation of an IT service management tool

Through their involvement in the implementation of numerous service management tools in many different contexts, the Qualiti7 consultants have developed an approach that approaches the implementation of the tool in light of the processes it supports.

The steps leading to the implementation of an ITSM tool ensure alignment with:

  • Functional specifications of the process
  • Organizational characteristics (support teams, clients)
  • IT service governance characteristics (inventory control, SLA, service catalogue, data security)

The involvement of key persons – including process owners, operational pilots and system administrators – at every step ensures successful implementation.