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ITSM program design and management (Roadmap)

A company’s ITSM program must be based on continuous service improvement.

An ITSM program is made up of:

  • Short- and mid-term initiatives
  • Implementation projects for more formal IT service management processes
  • A management framework for service improvement

The design and planning of an ITSM program can be based on different objectives and factors.

  • Diagnose process maturity to reveal the major weaknesses to be addressed to support the business organization
  • Provide a framework for a major outsourcing set-up
  • Seek ISO/IEC 20000 certification
  • Meet a specific client need (establish a catalogue of services, set up a more effective service centre, etc.)
  • Address internal IT operating inefficiencies

The program and the projects and initiatives that comprise it are managed through regular meetings that deal with the following tasks:

  • Monitor progress of initiatives and projects
  • Identify and manage risks and key success factors
  • Approve initiatives and prioritize actions
  • Verify achievement of objectives and target benefits

The program can be managed in project management mode, using POMBO practices.

The ITSM program must cover the following angles:

  • Process, procedures and work instructions
  • Technology
  • Roles & responsibilities and resource organization
  • Service indicators and governance