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ITSM Process Evaluation

Using advanced context analysis templates, the Qualiti7 consultants undertake an in-depth analysis of the state of each process, its use by the personnel, its integration with technology and the way the management team controls and monitors the process and the services. A diagnosis of IT service management processes identifies the maturity level of each process, based on the Nolan maturity scale also used in CMMi and CobiT. A report is generated showing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats the organization is facing, and a strategy and action plan are developed to provide a framework for service improvement.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Strengths 1
  • Strengths 2
  • Strengths 3
  • Strengths 4
  • Strengths 5
  • Weaknesses 1
  • Weaknesses 2
  • Weaknesses 3
  • Weaknesses 4
  • Weaknesses 5
Threats Opportunities
  • Threats 1
  • Threats 2
  • Threats 3
  • Opportunities 1
  • Opportunities 2
  • Opportunities 3
The work process CT MT LT
Process 1
A-1 Name the process owner and manager
FA-2 Establish and publish the process policies
A-3 Formally record all requests in the management tool
Process 2
B-1 Define a starting perimeter
B-2 Define a central information storage point
B-3 Improve information quality (especially for item ABC)
Term Period
CT next 6 months
MT next 12-18 months
LT 36 months