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IT transformation

Our approach is based on the CPDE™ approach, which has been recognized as being complementary to ITIL by APMG. Qualiti7 has adapted this approach to the realities frequently encountered in our mandates. These adaptations are mainly:

Adopt a two-stage approach:

  • The first stage is to identify the motivations behind the need for process transformation or engineering.
  • The second stage is to define or choose a process engineering approach suited to the client’s situation, based on three factors:
    • (A) Sometimes, the client would like to select a suite of ITSM tools in parallel with its process engineering project.
    • (B) Or the client has already selected a suite but has not yet implemented it and wants to re-engineer its processes before integrating the tools.
    • (C) Or finally the client has already implemented a suite (in whole or in part) but wants to complete the implementation or improve its processes and its use of the tools.